Bruce Currie has been working as an animator for over thirty years, drawing on a broad range of animation techniques.

He now creates specialised educational content.


Planet Earth - a brief history.

A brief evolutionary history of the Earth.

Commissioned by the Australia Fossil and Mineral Museum in Bathurst NSW Australia. 

Design and animation by Bruce Currie.


Ediacaran Biota - Exhibition sculptures for the Royal Ontario Museum.

A commission for 10 sculptures of Ediacaran period lifeforms (~ 600 mya ) for the newly constructed "Dawn of Life" gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

All models were created as digital assets and built in consulation with Ediacaran experts from around the world before being digitally printed - utilizing high-end 3D printing technology.


How to be a good questioner of children

Commissioned by the Centre for Investigative Interviewing and Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) - implemented by the Victorian Government in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

A short instructional animation to help introduce the CCYP protocol that aims to enhance organisations' awareness of their obligations to support children who make allegations of abuse.

Design and animation by Bruce Currie.

Winner ATOM Award – Best Instructional Animation 2020



Schnorky the Wave Puncher is a development sketch for proposed children's series - commissioned by Unreal Pictures, Melbourne.

Nobody is a development sketch for proposed children's series - in collaboration with children’s author Jim Howes.


2005 - 2018

A small selection of the many M&M commercials that Bruce Currie animated over a 12 year period.



Love Song - 5min. 1998
If a rat wants its way with a better wear protection.

Written and animated by Bruce Currie.
Created as part of SBS animation series, ‘Swimming Outside the Flags.’
Winner, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival, ‘Best Short-General Section’.
Winner, St Kilda Film Festival, ‘Best Digital Short’. 1999.



Bruce Currie was the writer/director/animator of these SBS Eat Carpet interstitials (1989) - with the magnificent Flacco in full swing.