Remigolepis is an extinct placoderm from the Devonian period (370 Mya - 360 Mya) It grew up to 350mm in length and was a member of the order Antiarchi.

The identifying characteristics of antiarchs were their long boxlike thoracic armour and bony jointed pectoral appendages.

Remigolepis the genus had distinctively short oar-like armoured pectoral fins and a heavily scaled tail.  It had unusual suborbital plates on each side of its armoured head. The purpose of these plates is still being speculated upon.

Remigolepis anatomy from Paleozoo Evolutionary Models by Bruce Currie

Remigolepis was probably not a very agile swimmer and was most likely confined to the seabed as a benthic scavenger.  However its remains have still been discovered right around the world, including in China, Greenland, Russia and Australia.

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With thanks to Dr Alex Ritchie for assistance with anatomical detail.